At Penn GSE, I teach the following courses:

EDUC 5190 Applied Network Analysis in Learning

EDUC 6144 Learning Sciences: Past, Present, Future

  • Spring 2023, Spring 2024

EDUC 6116 Master’s Foundations of Learning and Teaching

  • Fall 2022, Fall 2023

EDEN 5050: Foundations of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, Section 002: Digital Innovation for Learning in and out of School

  • Spring 2024

At the University of Minnesota, I’ve taught the following courses:

CI 8371: Applied Social Network Analysis in Education*

CI 8134-35: Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction

  • A required course for all first year Ph.D. students in my department
  • Co-taught with Dr. Mark Vagle (2016-2017) and Dr. Nina Asher (2017-2018)

CI 5371: Learning Analytics: Theory and Practice*

CI 5301: Foundations of Computer Applications for Business and Education

  • This course examines the instructional uses of computers and representative business, education, and marketing applications
  • Syllabus

CI 4331W: Technology and Ethics in Society

  • A liberal education theme, writing intensive course Syllabus
  • Course website hosted on Canvas

*: New courses developed by myself.