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#CSCL2013 pre-conference workshop: Measuring Collaborative Thinking Using Epistemic Network Analysis


Today I’ve participated in a wonderful full-day workshop about Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA), which I had been wishing to learn for a long time. David and Gol did a great job explaining its theoretical background, walking through a bunch of mathematical computation behind it, and doing some interesting demos with some real data from their research project. I had a great time playing with the sample data with my “teammate” Alisa, and will definitely apply it on some Knowledge Forum data in the near future. It’s also interesting that the system is based on R, and it makes me seriously thinking about the possibility of building KF analytics on R.


I am posting my notes below. For more information about the workshop, check conference website

Intro by David Shaffer: Measure collaborative thinking with ENA

Theoretical background of ENA

Explanation of the tool, focusing on mathematical stuff behind it

My questions:


Demos by Golnaz Arastoopour

Link to the ENA tool

Questions and comments:

Presentation by Chandra Orrill, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

General intro


Lessons learned


David presenting the process of going from raw data to ENA