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2018-07-18 An Ongoing Experiment: Public Scholarly Annotation

2018-04-24 Open Textbooks and Open Educational Practices

2018-04-15 Considering Time in Education

2018-04-07 Episodes from my trip in China


2017-12-08 Web Annotation of Research Articles in Learning Sciences

2017-10-13 The Forest

2017-07-27 AERA-NSF Workshop: Data Sharing and Research Transparency (Part II)

2017-07-25 AERA-NSF Workshop: Data Sharing and Research Transparency (Part I)

2017-07-24 Changing Value and Valuation in Education

2017-04-10 Graphing the Reddit Place Sensation with Neo4j

2017-03-23 A biased introduction to Learning Analytics: Kicking-off #UMNLACoP


2016-11-14 Windchill, and Validity in Learning Analytics

2016-11-03 MOOCs, Open Universities, and Learning Analytics in Asia

2016-10-17 Academic Workflow Part 2: Portability, Automation, and Openness

2016-09-22 Academic Workflow with Paperpile: Part 1

2016-05-20 Key Tensions in the Field of Learning Analytics


2015-11-19 CanvasNet: Formative feedback for 'social learning' on Canvas

2015-08-17 Teaching in My First Semester

2015-06-21 A 'Round' Trip

2015-05-02 Mining frequent sequences in knowledge building dialogues

2015-02-04 Towards A Longitudinal Understanding of the Growth of Productive Vocabulary in Knowledge Building

2015-01-27 My First Course: Learning Analytics in the Knowledge Age


2014-10-14 Twitter Archeology of the Learning Analytics Community

2014-06-06 Knowledge Forum API: A demo

2014-05-02 Mining frequent sequences in knowledge building dialogues

2014-04-20 Why the quality of Finland's education system can exceed the quality of its teachers?

2014-04-17 The taste of time: Temporality in students' explanation building dialogues

2014-03-31 Digital learning in Ontario schools: A 'new normal'

2014-03-10 Academic job search: A reading list


2013-12-09 Top Links from the MOOC Research Conference Twitter Backchannel (#MRI13)

2013-12-09 MongoDB + Java + R = A handy toolbox for archiving and analyzing Twitter data

2013-07-01 Topic Modeling and Visualization of Knowledge Forum Discussion

2013-07-01 Make CORDTRA Diagrams with R

2013-06-15 #CSCL2013 pre-conference workshop: Measuring Collaborative Thinking Using Epistemic Network Analysis

2013-04-03 KNAER Data Visualization Workshop

2013-03-11 Analyze Text Similarity with R: Latent Semantic Analysis and Multidimentional Scaling

2013-02-26 Demo of Using twitter-hashtag-analytics to Analyze Tweets from #LAK13


2012-04-16 "Overview" of #AERA2012 Tweets


2011-09-16 Promisingness Judgments by Grade 3s

2011-05-25 The meaning of promisingness


2010-12-24 Integrating Knowledge Building with Open Educational Resources

2010-03-09 Walking on the altered side