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Boshier R (1991). “Psychometric Properties of the Alternative Form of the Education Participation Scale.” Adult Education Quarterly, 41(3), pp. 150-167. <URL:>,, <URL:>.


This article reports a reconstruction of the widely used Education Participation Scale (EPS) created by Boshier in 1970s. The ‘newly’ created EPS, i.e., EPS (A form) in contrast with EPS (F form), is composed of a total of 42 items in 7 dimensions below (with each dimension having 6 items):

  • Communication improvement
  • Social contact
  • Educational preparation
  • Professional advancement
  • Family togetherness
  • Social stimulation
  • Cognitive interests

This article reports further psychmetric work surrounding this instrument, including checking its validity, reliability, and predictive power.

Note: The EPS is copyrighted and therefore not included in the article.

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