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Notes: Reasons nurses participate in continuing education



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O’Connor AB (1979). “Reasons nurses participate in continuing education.” Nursing Research, 28(6), pp. 354-359.

And this piece as well:

O’Connor, A. B. (1982). Reasons nurses participate in self-study continuing education programs. Nursing research, 31(6):371–374.


Basically, these two studies used a revised version of the EPS (Education Participation Scale) to measure motivation of continuing education among nurses. Two studies were different in terms of sample size – the 1982 study surveyed around 1800 nurses (twice as big as in the 1979 study). The dimensions arrived in each study are also different. Below are from the 1979 study:

  1. compliance with authority
  2. improvement in social relations
  3. improvement in social welfare skills
  4. professional advancement
  5. professional knowledge
  6. relief from routine
  7. acquisition of credentials

The 1982 study didn’t find #7 as an important factor.

Both articles did additional analysis finding correlations among different dimensions and their relation with other demographic variables.

(One GREAT thing about these articles is all items in Modified-EPS are listed in a table, with their membership in each motivational dimension also presented.)