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Notes: Latent class analysis of early reading skills



Citekey: @sainsbury2011

Sainsbury, M., & Benton, T. (2011). Designing a formative e-assessment: Latent class analysis of early reading skills. British Journal Of Educational Technology, 42(3), 500–514. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8535.2009.01044.x


This article is interesting in that it explores computer-based formative assessment based on traditionally designed item-based test. It applies an interesting technique, Latent Class Analysis/model, to classfy students into different groups. Based on charactersitics of those groups, the system could produce profiles that could inform instruction of teachers. I think it will be nice to apply LCA in ways of contributing project or the formative assessment project in Hong Kong. This paper also introduces several interesting concepts and resources for me: latent class analysis (Hagenaars & McCutcheon, 2002); Black and Wiliam (1998) formative assessments, feedback formative cognitive diagnostic assessment?? is it possible?; IRT item response theory.